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The Morning Fork is a real dream come true by the Husband and Wife team – Chef Keith Swiryn and self- proclaimed Waitress Extraordinaire, Jennifer Swiryn. They are both Sacramento natives with a combined thirty plus years in the restaurant industry, with experience in every position and perspective. It has always been their dream to open a breakfast & lunch restaurant – just ask anyone they know! The Morning Fork strives to deliver a delightful experience to everyone who comes through.

Keith graduated from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco in 2004, and has been learning and working in Sacramento restaurants since. Keith has been making it a point to master the art of eggs, and all sorts of delicious starchy goods, while keeping fresh, creative flavor profiles.

An experienced waitress, Jennifer has mastered the art of hospitality and truly enjoys the restaurant industry and cares about each customers dining experience. Jennifer has always had the vision of a vibrant breakfast restaurant, with lots of color on the plates and walls, music of all genres playing. Just an overall good feeling place, with something for everyone. 

The entire Morning Fork team is grateful to become part of Sacramento’s growing community. They share a deep love for good food, coffee, community, art, and everything about Midtown breakfast culture. 

We are excited to serve you! Come one, come all!

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